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New contest

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Sorry that I took so long in getting a new contest up, I had a mad rush the past few weeks. But this contest is a little different! You have total creativity within one parameter: Your icon should convey what you love best about the movie/comic. This can either be simply your absolute favorite schene/panel or a thematic element of underlying message of the film. Your icons can be animated or not. And in this contest the winners will get banners as usual, but the first place icon will become this community's default icon (which I will actually use from now on). So you all better enter, or you'll be taken away in little black bags (kidding, I really do want some entries though...)

~Your icon must represent your favorite aspect of the Movie/comic
~All entries are to be posted to this LJ post (all comments will be screened)
~All entries must be in by Friday, May 11 at 12:00 noon pacific time

Good luck! And please enter!
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