Julia/Turbo (turbo_san) wrote in i_for_icontest,

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Quick poll!

OK guys! I'm going to have a new contest up in a jiffy, but I wanted to ask you guys one quick thing so that I can make future contests!

How many of you can make Animated icons? And If I post an animated only icon contest, how many of you would be interested? This won't be this weeks, but sometime in the very near future. PLEASE RESPOND! please......

Thanks in advance!
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I can make them, but I don't do them unless I have an idea that needs it.
ok, thanks, I'll keep that in mind!
I can make animated icons that go frame to frame and mini-movie icons. I do love making them!
YAY! great ^_^ (and I love the one you've got up now, it's so true!)
I love it, even though I didn't make it, because it is very very true. :D
I can if I have to, but not very well. See my icon as an example!
lol, that's a good one!